Friday, May 22, 2009

Vintage Love and Its Songs

Some songs vanish into oblivion. Some loves die forever. But certain songs never even age -- just as some couples' love never grows cold -- rather these songs and loves turn into vintage material.

((Debbie)), who chose todays Love Fest songs, knows what I am speaking of, I'm sure of it. Both our marriages are vintage material, and so are the love songs that accompanied us on our voyages through life, love, and music.

Here are two of my favorite musical traveling companions. I chose the scratched and static copy of Midnight Train To Georgia over a cleaner one for a reason, of course. That track is from an album my husband gave me when we were just embarking on our journey together. The second track, Du, is from a time when I hadn't even met my husband, but when I already knew what kind of man would be the right one for me.

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