Friday, July 23, 2010

AudioBlog#5: Songs My Father Would Have Loved

I got the love for music from my father. He was into classical music -- but genres don’t matter, I think, when one’s genetic make-up is being determined. Sunday mornings where reserved for father's music. And quite often I woke up to -- what as a child I considered horrible music -- Wagner, Mozart, Puccini, Beethoven ...

Nevertheless, I was not blind to the changes this music created in my father's behavior and mood. And, quite often, while he was slowly drifting into a state of blissfulness, listening to Ingeborg Hallstein and Rudolf Schock, I kept wondering  why they were always singing about love.

One day, I asked father that question. The expression this question conjured up on his face carved itself into my memory. First he looked perplexed, but then I saw something in his face I had never noticed before. He looked thoughtfully dreamy -- that’s how I would describe it more than 40 years later. His answer, however, was as pithy and precise as always. “Because,” he said, “love is so important.”

Back then, his answer didn’t satisfy my curiosity. I was just a child. Only after I had experienced the emotion my father had talked about, did I understand and appreciate his answer.

Years later, when I had developed my own taste concerning music, when I was listening to “When A Man Loves A Woman” or “These Arms Of Mine” I remembered his words quite often.

A lot of the traits my father has passed on to me I don't like; some I even hate. But the love for music and the coping skills attached to it, definitely compensate for the not so desirable paternal genetic endowments.

No wonder he was on my mind when I put together today’s AudioBlog. I bet he would have liked the songs I picked. 

I tried to capture a few of the different tastes of love: happiness, romance, dependency, longing, and anguish.

This one is for Dad.

Songs My Father Would Have Loved

1. Sweet Lovin' Love -- Zap Pow
2. Love Lives On A Windy Hill -- The Futures
3. A Woman Will Do Wrong -- Helene Smith
4. Let Me Hold You For A Night -- David Ruffin
5. Don't Ever Leave Me -- Bob and Earl

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