Thursday, July 29, 2010

CD Review

 Eli “Paperboy" Reed, Come And Get It, Capitol Records 
(to be released August 10, 2010)

by Raggedy
Ever since I’ve heard Eli “Paperboy” Reed’s Take My Love With You in 2008,  I knew the guy and his band, The True Loves, were special. It didn't surprise me at all, therefore, when MOJO magazine named Eli the “Breakthrough Artist of the year 2009.” 
Eli's music, from the horns through the lead- and bass guitar to the drums -- stands out from the uninspired (and uninspiring) releases that usually hit the market nowadays. It could be straight out of a 60‘s era studio. And there is no doubt about it that Eli has what it takes to sing his songs; he's got soul. 
In an interview with Soultracks, Eli explains that while he was making Come and Get It, he “was listening to a lot of late sixties, early seventies soul music from Chicago, in particular Mel and Tim and Tyrone Davis. It's all very lavishly produced stuff, a lot of horns, a lot of strings, but it's also really tough, the rhythm section is always really funky. I was going for that sort of vibe. That was the plan." (Soultracks whole-heartedly agree with that description. His first release with Capitol Records, which signed him earlier this year, is a fine piece of musical craftsmanship. 

The album will be released August 10, and I strongly suggest you get a copy. This is one of the rare albums with no fillers -- which is amazing, considering the album consists of twelve songs. 
Anyone who knows their music, might think that the  “paperboy” stepped right out of that extremely creative era of 60's and 70's soul music. His presentation is fabulous, and he hits "them" high notes like one of the 60’s greats. At times, his style reminds me of Sam and Dave or Arthur Conley, for example. Anyway, this “paperboy” delivers some good news: True singing is back!
You will be treated to exuberant string arrangements on songs like Pick Your Battles. The tight horn sections on I Found You Out, Young Girl, or my personal favorite, Pick a Number, could be a re-incarnation of the famous Memphis horns.
Guitar lovers will have a feast listing to such catchy tunes as Just Like Me or the bass driven title song Come And Get It
And Eli didn’t do a bad job either with the two gospel-flavored Southern Soul inspired tracks Time Will Tell and You Can Run On. 
You won’t encounter any dull moments while listening to Come And Get It. That much I can say for sure: my copy will be inducted to the Hall of being-played-in my-car CD’s. The greatest honor I bestow on any album. 
My favorite tracks from the album besides the title track: Pick A Number, Pick Your Battles, and the heavily Gospel flavored You Can Run On.
Explosion, the last track on the album, is the only tune that doesn’t quite appeal to me. 

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