Monday, August 23, 2010

AudioBlog#8: From The Depths of the Heart -- Deep Soul

Did everyone have a nice weekend? I sure hope so. I, for my part, ventured out of my air conditioned chambers to the nicest shopping center San Antonio has to offer. Of course, I regretted this heroic act as soon as I got out of the (air conditioned) car and walked across the Texas size parking lot in 102 degrees ... Well, at least I got me a nice pair of black sandals (ahem -- I really needed them) and let a lady at the cosmetic counter talk me into making an appointment for a facial next Thursday.
Okay, and on top of it all, I could convince myself that it  was hight time to sit down and finish my Deepies AudioBlog --  which I actually did as soon as I was back home. So, in a way, my weekend was kinda successful.
And I have a nice surprise for you all -- SOTS soon might have an additional author/contributor. I can hardly wait for his first blog ...


1. Timmy Willis -- Easy As Saying 1-2-3 (Limelinx)
2. Nothing's Too Much -- Billy Young (Limelinx)
3. One Way Love Affair -- Danny White (Limelinx)
4. Don't Play That Song No More (You Lied) -- Lou Johnson (Limelinx)
5. If I Can't Run To You, I'll Crawl -- Barbara Brown (Limelinx)
6. It Hurts Me So Much -- Barbara Brown (Limelinx)

PS: I'm sorry some of the tracks ended up cut off on either end -- I have no clue what I did wrong this time. The individual d/l links do not suffer from this deformity lol

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