Monday, August 30, 2010

Syl Johnson: Complete Mythology

Posted By Soultaker

First things first, I would like to thank Raggedy so much for the invitation to contribute on her blog. She's a complete class act and I am happy to be able to call her a friend of mine.

Since this is my first official written post on Sounds Of The Soul, I thought I would write about something that I am anticipating coming out very soon and that's the Syl Johnson: Complete Mythology from Numero.

For those that are not familar with the Numero Group, they have been putting out compilations of rare soul that is known as their Eccentric Soul series since 2004. These guys should be recognized for their work as they provide very detail and in depth linear notes about the histories surrounding such labels as Twinight, Prix, Tragar and Note just to name a few.

The newest release however will be spotlighting the very under appreciated Soul Legend Syl Johnson. Born in 1936, starting his career back in what many consider the birth years of soul(the late 1950's) as a blues singer, Syl would begin his career singing with the likes of Jimmy Reed and Howling Wolf before setting out on his own to forge his career that is criminally slept on. Syl's name should be right up there with the likes of James Brown and Wilson Pickett when talking about legends in Soul music. This set will hopefully help steer the ship in the right direction from the early looks of it. It will be focusing on all of his material he's done prior to his 70's run on Hi Records. That includes material from Federal and Twinight labels which many fans hold in high regard.

This will be a 4 CD, 6 LP set. As seen in the second You Tube video below, this set will undoubtedly do Syl Johnson justice. The release date for this beautiful set is October 19, 2010, so save up those dollars.

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Raggedy said...

Thanks so much for the nice words, Soultaker.
Your post is great. Syl is such a versatile artist -- if one takes the time to listen to the sound clips of the Box Set, he'll know what I mean. I just love his blues titles.
I could not help but laugh at the "Unpacking" clip. This is what love is doing to your mind -- even if it's only love for music. It adds so much zest to life.
I know you're counting the hours, Soultaker ...