Sunday, September 26, 2010

Soultaker's Treasure Chest: A Woman's Soul

Posted by Soultaker

Like any other man, I love to hear a woman's voice in my ear whispering sweet things that we like to hear. The other day I had my headphones on and was listening to some Linda Jones and I thought why don't I do a set of just female soul singers. So today I will do just that

Starting off with my favorite female soul singer on Motown, Brenda Holloway, with a live version of the song Summertime. I love listening to her version as she also does a violin solo during the song. She has a voice that I just love to listen and relax to. Next is One Step At A Time by Maxine Brown on Wand records. This is a song that I first heard years ago on a old internet show called Eclectic Soul, that was on the old Soul site which was hosted by Eddie Pillar of Acid Jazz Records. It's just one of those songs that I had to go out and hunt down. This next track is from my other favorite female singer on Motown and that is Tammi Terrell. I was watching the episode of TV One's Unsung that showcase Tammi and was the inspiration of me putting What A Good Man He Is on today's set. Speaking of Tammi, is getting ready to put out a 2 CD set of all of Tammi's solo material. Like Tammi, this set is looking real pretty and she deserves to have her solo recordings be made available. The next track up is from Marva Whitney called Ball of Fire. It's the non album b-side to the It's My Thing 45 and should have been a hit in it's own right. Crumbs Off The Table by Laura Lee is up next and like any True School 80's hip hop head like myself will recognize the drum break of this track. We have next is Love Unlimited's Say it Again in which you will hear the only male voice on this set as Barry White makes a cameo appearance on the track. This is followed by I believe one of the last tracks from Ike and Tina Turner that they did together before they eventually went their separate ways called Sexy Ida. A nice funk track that has me wondering what the two of them together would have sounded like if they didn't have the issues that they did and gotten a divorce. Next is 90% Of Me Is You is another track people will recognize and is also one of my favorite tracks by Gwen McCrae with the other being Funky Sensation. A all female soul set is not complete without the Queen herself, Aretha Franklin,with I Get High from the Sparkle soundtrack. Last up is a track called Without You In My Life from a 1982 Marlena Shaw album, Let Me In Your Life on South Bay Records.

Of course there are plenty more talented female soul vocalists out there that one day I will showcase with another set.

1. Summertime(Live) - Brenda Holloway - Motown
2. One Step At A Time - Maxine Brown - Wand
3. What A Good Man He Is - Tammi Terrell - Motown
4. Ball Of Fire - Marva Whitney - King
5. Crumbs Off The Table - Laura Lee - Hot Wax
6. Say It Again - Love Unlimited - 20th Century Records
7. Sexy Ida - Ike and Tina Turner - United Artist Records
8. 90% Of Me Is You - Gwen McCrae - Cat
9. I Get High - Aretha Franklin - Atlantic
10. Without You In My Life - Marlena Shaw - South Bay



Raggedy said...

(((((Soultaker)))))) First of all, thank you for posting this superb selection from you treasure chest. I can tell these songs have been picked with a lot of love.
Second, thanks for helping me out.

Soultaker said...

Thank you for for the kind words as always Raggedy. No problem with the help, thats what friends are for. Hope things are well with you. We will catch up soon.