Saturday, November 27, 2010

Danny Johnson -- How Could You Run Away

I don't know much about this artist, and I am wildly guessing when I say I think this is Danny Johnson from the Chi-Lites. Does anyone have a clue? 
The track is from one of Scavanjah's fantastic Souldies compilations.

Around 1:04, the background vocals are of such a beauty that they sound almost angelic ... 


Anonymous said...

Hey Inge,

You got that right.The Danny Johnson track can also be found on 'Full Time Groovers / Hotlanta Soul Vol 2'

'Danny (Johnson) scores heavily on all fronts.Although ,if he's known at all,it's as the lead singer of the Chi-Lites
during 1976/7 ,replacing the great Eugene Record.Sweet Soul fans ought to check out his two 45s and album for
First American at the end of the decade. (Liner notes by John Ridley)

Marc 'Blue Escorpio'

Raggedy said...

Thanks a lot for the info, Blue Escorpio.