Sunday, December 26, 2010

Teena Marie Dead

Sad  news: Teena-Marie died today. She was only 54, and her voice was as beautiful and clear like  a songbird's. May she rest in peace. 

The Way You Love Me


Blue Escorpio said...

More bad news.

Myrna Smith founding member of 'The Sweet Inspirations' passed away on Christmas Day.

Obit is here:

Dorothy Jones founding member of The Cookies deceased on the same day.

Sleep On Soul Sisters.


Raggedy said...

This is sad, indeed.
Thanks, Marc, for the information.

Darcy said...

Terrible news. I've always been a great fan of Lady T. She had a truly soulful voice. No matter if she was singing a sad or happy song she always had the ability to make me cry. Teena was for real and has left us way too soon.

Raggedy said...

It is an eye-opener (again.) She was a year younger than I am ... Here today, gone tomorrow sounds a little more convincing.