Saturday, January 22, 2011

For Your Precious Love Covers (Tracks)

Well .. there wasn't much interest in contributing cover versions of this wonderful love song. If it hadn't been for Marc, I would have had no submissions at all.
I know. I know. My followers are lazy. Anyway,  here are three of the most beautiful covers I've ever heard.
Big thanks to Marc!

Vernon Guy from the Ike and Tina Turner Revue - Live! album (I think this is my favorite.)
The Hi-Lites. Perfect background harmony.
Francine Reed feat. William Bell (live) This woman has such a powerful voice -- I love it! And, of course, William Bell's voice never fails to touch me. (So many memories.)

Byron Lee and The Dragonaires -- because I simply cannot pass a Reggae tune ... It makes my heart sing and my feet dance.


Soultaker said...

I would have to say that my top three favorite covers of this song would be,

1. The Invitations
2. Linda Jones
3. Otis Redding

I really didn't realize that this song has been covered this much. Is this the most covered song in Soul Music?

Raggedy said...

Me neither. And I didn't see until now how many different approaches there can be to present the same song. Amazing how certain artists take a composition and turn it into something unique.
I def. agree with your choices. From the three you've picked, I'd choose Linda Jones' as my favorite. She puts the passionate woman's mark on it.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Although your pick is far from one of my favourite soul songs, I must admit I have collected quite a few version of one of my all time hi's:

"Midnight Train To Georgia", of which I now have 33 versions!

(including the elusive "Ride The Ship Of Zion" version by Willie Neal Johnson & The Keynotes

Raggedy said...

@Anon.: You got to be kidding me! "Midnight Train To Georgia"? 33 versions? That is astonishing. "Midnight Train ..." is very, very dear to me. The line "I'd rather live in his world/than live without him in mine .." has such a special meaning to me ... *smiles
Would you care to share a version or two maybe. I would greatly appreciate it ...