Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Eddy Senay --Ain't No Sunshine / Delgado (Repost from 12/3/10)

How about making this Saturday a bit funky?

Eddy Senay is another artist whose talent has been lurking neglected and under-rated for whatever unintelligible reason way too long.

I only found about Eddy Senay a few days ago. And what can I say? I love his slow, easy-going style.
Eddy Senay had two albums released for Sussex: Hot Thang in 1972 and Step By Step in 1973. Both albums were re-released on one CD  by Vampi Soul in 2006 titled Eddy Senay, Soul Preachin'. I definitely recommend both to anyone who loves to listen to clean and clear melodic instrumentals with a moderate psychedelic slant.

His career at Sussex was somewhat hindered by his co-existence with Dennis Coffey who had already left his mark on the music scene since the early 60's, most notably as a member of the Funk Bros. Studio Band. 

Ain't No Sunshine is from Hot Thang and Delgado from his second album Step By Step.


Soultaker said...

Ohh, I'm digging this!!

Raggedy said...

Me too! He has such a laid-back style. I just love it ...

Stretch said...

Very Nice...never heard this version before...Thanks!!!!