Thursday, November 7, 2013

Surprise: Heart Wrenching Rendition of "Just Kiss And Say Goodbye" by Anita Mui

Go to 4:56, and you'll find something you will love. I don't care too much for the bitter anti marriage talk in the beginning -- but some of you may find it interesting.

Very sad to see her cry. She said goodbye for good. Anita Mui died December 30, 2003 of cervical cancer.

R.I.P. beautiful lady.

Audio only

This is actually one of the two covers I could find of the Manhattans classic. The other one was by Billy Joe Royal, who did a great job as a singer. But the music -- simply not presentable ... 

I also happened to come across a recent article about Anita Mui’s mother who’s been in a legal battle for years over her daughter’s estate.

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