Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Mighty Sam McClain v. The Great Percy Sledge: "When She Touches Me"

It's no secret that I love Percy Sledge and believe that no one can match him when it comes to interpreting bittersweet love songs.  I just came across a cover version of Percy's "When She Touches Me (Nothing Else Matters)" by Mighty Sam that I really like. The original was released in 1966 by Rodge Martin on the Bragg label as the B-side of "Lovin' Machine." Solomon Burke also covered it in 1966.

Sam McClain  (1967)

Percy Sledge (When A Man Loves A Woman, Atlantic, 1966)

Solomon Burke (Atlantic, 1966)

 The Original by Rodge Martin (1966, Bragg)


Anonymous said...

Hi Raggedy,

Great post, but both divshare songs are the same. Looking forward to hearing the second one.

Thanks for the link. ;-)


Raggedy said...

Oy! Thanks a lot. Things like that happen when I try to make up for missed posts ... lol On top of it all, I had the plumbers in the house.
Thanks again, and I do like your blog. I only provide links to blogs I consider worthwhile visiting.

Anonymous said...

My pleasure, Raggedy - and thanks for re-upping. Two fine renditions - I'm especially fond of the Percy Sledge. I've done the same thing myself (without noisy plumbers being present.) I feel as you do, and can only post links if I genuinely like the blog and intend to visit it frequently. There's an older post on mine of Mighty Sam doing 'Sweet Dreams' - have you heard it before?


Raggedy said...

Thanks for bringing this wonderful song to my attention. Absolutely great -- gooseflesh inducing song.
I think I need to do more research on Mighty Sam's music.