Tuesday, February 11, 2014

L.T.D. -- "Make Someone Smile Today"

Today's song is by a well enough known group that has not to be introduced. "Love, Togetherness, Devotion," formed in Greensville, NC in the sixties playing with Sam and Dave. In 1968, they relocated to New York. In 1973 eventually landed a record deal with Herb Alpert's and Jerry Moss's A&M label.
L. T. D. owes much of their success to the unique voice of Jeffrey Osbourne who joined the group in 1970 when the group still was known as Love Men ltd. In my opinion, L.T.D. was one of the very few groups that handled disco tunes as well as the ballads they became famous for.

I saw Jeffrey live last year in San Antonio and despite the many shortcomings of the show, I have to say  he still is absolutely fantastic. His voice was as fine as ever!

Because the weather outside is grey and evokes doomsday images, I thought I should send out a call for help "Make Someone Smile Today." The song is from the 1977 album Something to Love. I just love that horn section ...


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