Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Ethics -- "Not Enough Love"

The Ethics originated during 1967 in Philadelphia with a sound representing the evolution of 1960s Motown into the early Philly sound.  Had they enjoyed a wider exposure, they most certainly would have had become one of the greats in the genre. Their lead singer, Ron Tyson, later joined the famous Temptations.
After their label, Vent, a small independent enterprise, closed shop, they changed their name to Love Committee. Under that name they recorded for TSOP, Ariola, and Goldmine. "Law and Order" on Ariola most likely is their best known disco hit.
Ron Tyson was one of the great falsetto tenors, but The Ethics were not all about his voice as so many articles claim. The harmonizing of the other group members was definitely outstanding, and they deserve more than being considered Ron's backup singers, so to speak.

The Ethics', Think About Tomorrow and Look At Me Now. Listen to the background harmonies. I think they are excellent. 

Today's pick, "Not Enough Love," is perhaps my favorite by the group.

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