Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lakeside -- "Raid"

Alright, here's a song that will forever remind me of a totally rained-out trip to Fairhope, Alabama. Hubby treated me to a stay at the Grand Marriott Resort for our upcoming 38th anniversary. There sure was enough water -- we didn't need any more from above.
Nevertheless, the trip was a success. Without our asking, we got the Honeymoon Suite when we checked in. That was an even more uplifting event than it could have been anyway because we never really had a real honeymoon back then.

Although the rain was pouring down mercilessly, we enjoyed a great stay and had one of the best Sunday brunches ever. As an extra treat, a live band played Motown classics ... That alone made up for the bad weather. (The sax player was definitely very good.)

So, back to today's pick. While we were driving back to the air port, this song by Lakeside came up on the radio, and, needless to say, yours old Raggedy did some fancy dancing in the seat ... lol Happiness does not depend on the weather.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Magic Sam -- "Easy Baby"

This year we went from winter straight to summer here in Texas. So, SOTS's chief music scout, Dr. C. and I spent yesterday on the patio enjoying a wonderful breeze. The birds were chirping busily until about noon, and it got awfully quiet. But as long as there's music, silence is not really an option in our household.
I began to search for some cover versions of a favorite of hubby and mine and somehow ended up listening to the Blues. Actually, it was Beth Hart's cover of "I'd Rather Go Blind" that led us to a Roomful of Blues cover of Magic Sam's "Easy Baby." After lots of wows and repeats of the songs mentioned above, I decided to post them all.
I hope you all enjoy them as much as we did.

And here is another performance by Beth with Jeff Beck on guitar. Goose-flesh indicator: red.
Don't you like to shed tears sometimes for the sheer beauty of a song? Ol' Raggedy sure does.

Now here's Roomful of Blues with "Easy Baby."

And, finally, the original "Easy Baby" by Magic Sam. This is what I call blues power.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Spring -- "Talk To The Rain"

Hey everybody! Just in case you are wondering what may have happened to your old Raggedy. Well, I'm still alive -- but too busy to do much blogging at the moment. Today's song came to my mind when I woke up to yet another rainy Sunday here in Texas.

The sweet sound of the 70's.

Today's song is from a 1973 single (which appears to be much sought after according to the comments I've read so far on YouTube.)