Saturday, June 28, 2014

RIP Bobby Womack 1944-2014

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I received the news last night that the Legendary Bobby Womack has died.  We don't have many left with us and we need to cherish the ones that are still here.  I'm predicting a lot of tributes will be going on today.  I just want to put up one of my many favorites from his Fly Me To The Moon album.  RIP The Poet

Love The Time Is Now

Monday, June 23, 2014

Soultaker’s Treasure Chest 06-23-2014 - The Return

It's been awhile since I did this, so bare with me.  Raggedy has invited me to once again contribute to her wonderful blog.  For those not familiar with me, I was a contributor to the previous version of Sounds of The Soul.  Raggedy and I go back some years as we would often chat about our love of Soul music.  So when she told me that she restarted the blog, I was honored to be ask to contribute some music from my collection again.

It took some time but I was able to finally sit down and record some stuff from my dusty vinyl collection for the blog.  Life a lot of times gets in the way of things that you enjoy.  But then you have to realize that life is too short and you are not promise to open your eyes the next day.  Actually I was kind of inspired to share my music from my collection from something that happened recently.

Like a lot of people, I like to listen to radio shows that play the things I like to listen to.  One of the shows I had enjoyed listening to was the Sittin In The Park Radio Show hosted by the late Bob Abrahamian.  Unfortunately,  Bob took his own life.  As it turns out, Bob was suffering from depression and it was mentioned in the article linked above that he left a note to his sister saying that he felt that his life’s work didn’t matter.  He couldn't have been more wrong.  His work did mattered and it touched more then his fan base that listened to his show on a weekly basis.  His life work was his love for soul music, mainly Chicago Soul, but his knowledge for soul music in general was incredible.  I listened to his show regularly and I often found myself making notes on certain songs he played so I can look for them for my own collection.  The first song of my set below by The Teques is a example of a song I first heard on his show and ended up hunting down a copy for myself.  On his show he focus on the forgotten Chicago soul musicians.  He would often have interviews and would showcase music from these great musicians.  But not only that, Bob went above and beyond when it came to  helping the musicians he interviewed on his show.  He would help them in their personal lives for example, helping some of them who are older, learn about using the computer or helping them relocate to a new living residence.  It was about more than the music, it was helping fellow human beings getting by in this game we call life. 

I guess what actually made me want to post about music again is seeing a person like that give up their life so sadly for the thing he loved.  Makes you realize how fragile life can be and we should enjoy the things that we love.  As I was saying earlier life gets in the way sometimes, but no matter what, we have to make time for the things and the people we enjoy.  For me, it's collecting and playing my records and I have to once again thank Raggedy for allowing me to have a outlet to do so.

With that said let me get to the music.  I hope you enjoy

1.  Intro

2.  If I Could - The Teques - Star-Vue Records

3.  Bills - The Counts - Westbound

4.  When The Bottom Falls Out - Ike Perkins - APT/ABC

5. The Highway Man - Eddie Floyd - Stax

6.  Monkey Tamarind - The Beginning Of The End - Alston

7. Occapella - Lee Dorsey - Spring

8. Putting Game Down - Luther Ingram - Ko Ko Records

9.  Ohh Baby How I Love You - Willie Hightower - Capitol

10. Keep The Home Fire Burinin' - Latimore - Glades

11. Remember The Rain - 21st Century - Golden Tone Records

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Repost Pool Party 2012

Darned! Time sure is flying, especially now that summer is on ... Yeah! Last week, I swam my first few laps in the pool for this year.  It's about a moth after the usual start of the pool season. Anyway, I'm happy I was able to finally get into that deliciously refreshing water ...
That said, I decided to post a podcast from 2 years ago which I was listening to while I was swimming. I think I'll have to post more upbeat, uptempo tracks from now on.
What y'all think?

Friday, June 20, 2014

Dwight T Ross -- "I'm Going To Love You"

Yours old Raggedy's been "digging deep in the vaults" again lately -- successfully so. I consider today's track a deepie diamond.  First, there is the mood setting hammond organ, then the stunningly beautiful harmonizing, and finally the convincing delivery of the deeply emotional lyrics.
The end of the song did puzzle me a t first because it felt somewhat too abrupt for a romantic piece. At second glance, though, the short thump appears to be the period signaling finality after a strong statement ...


Here's another release by this fantastic singer. Such a great voice! 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

WRAG Radio Raggedy: Old, Scratchy, And Gorgeous

00:12 If You Don' Think (That I Love You) – FrankiePighee
02:32 Life Ain't Easy – Lee Jackson
05:25 Dream My Heart – Shirley Edwards
07:54 Return To Me – The Values
09:57 Tears From My Eyes – Jackie Opel
12:25 If I Told You – LeBleau Monde
14:45 How Can I Do Without You – Betty Adams
17:59 In The Name Of Loneliness – Little Reuben
21:03 No Sad Times – Johnny Truitt

23:44 Outro

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Aalon Butler -- "Please Give Me A Chance"

Aalon Butler, also known by his first name only, is an artist who does not deserve to linger in obscurity. Although I first heard him singing the deep soul track I chose for today's post, he has some pretty nice northern soul titles out. But what really surprised me was the fact that despite the talent he showcases on his (only) album "Cream City," he never got much attention ...

Aalon Butler definitely feels at home with the gritty deep soul genre as well as the smooth 70's soul he sings on "Cream City." From that LP "Rock'n Roll Gangster" is my favorite. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Ovations -- Pure Natural Love

When I first heard this song, I was thinking that that's what we all should have in our lives. Pure and natural love. No artificial anything, so to speak.  Honest emotions. No schemes. No romanticized expectations. Many a relationship might have profited from such an attitude.

The Ovations were one of the very few groups that managed to deliver quite a few great 45's for Goldwax. They propbably owed much of that success to their lead singer, Louis Williams jr., whose voice could easily be mistaken for Sam Cooke's. 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Ray Agee -- "It's Hard To Explain"

Born April 10, 1930 in Dixons Mills, Alabama, Raymond Clinton Agee contracted polio at age 4 and subsequently was severely handicapped. That did not keep him from pursuing a musical career. After his family had relocated to Los Angeles, he and his brothers attached themselves to a gospel quartet to learn the trade at the source, so to speak. During the 50's an 60's Ray recorded for various labels without ever gaining the recognition he definitely deserved.

His most popular recording was the remake of "Tin Pan Alley" in 1963.

"Ray Agee slowly slipped away from the music business in the early '70s. Reportedly, he died around 1990." (all

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Fathers' Day! 


Double Exposure -- "Perfect Lover"

Music from an era that was bringing the nation closer together. Harmony and optimism ruled back in the 70's. Not everything was perfect but we tried to make the world better ... It really hurts me to see the strife and divisiveness that has crept into our daily lives. 

I've been listening to a lot of TSOP lately -- for nostalgic reasons. And while I listened to Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, Blue Magic, The Manhattans, The Stylistics and all the greats that made the 70's what they were, I could feel the spirit of that time stir inside me. It felt so good to be part of a generation that was able to listen as well as talk to each other ...

So, today's post is one of my favorites from that time.

Double Exposure was founded as "United Image" in the 60's. They recorded three albums between 1976 and 1979 for Salsoul. 

"Perfect Lover" was the B-side of "I Declare War" which was released in 1978 for Salsoul Records.
(For my fellow Temptations fans: one Ron Tyson is listed as the percussionist on the recording. anyone knows more?)


Here's proof that Disco wasn't always the boring stuff it became infamous for.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

In Memory Of My Sister Birgit (14.6.1951 - 14.6.2006)

Rest In Peace 

You're gone, but the memories stay.

David Sea, "Please Remember Me"