Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Wilson Pickett/The Isley Brothers/Lloyd Price -- "Stagger Lee"

You all know about my undying love for Wilson Pickett and his gritty, raspy, powerful, soulful, riveting, marvelous etc. voice. His voice alone sufficed to turn any old song into a thunderstorm. (Just my clearly objective opinion.) So it's not a big surprise that I thought his rendition of the age old "Stagger Lee" could not be surpassed.

Wilson Pickett's 1967 45-version "Stag-O-Lee" 

However, I was quite surprised when I heard the Isley Brothers' version of "Stagger Lee" and felt like they turned that song into a severe thunderstorm even. I couldn't say I like it better than Wilson's version, but Ron Isley def. made it his own.

Here's Lloyd Price's "Stagger Lee" which, to me, is the smoothest one of the three.  I love this one too.

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