Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Interview with Little Anthony on FOX

Wild Jimmy Spruill -- "Hard Grind"

Okay, your old Raggedy is in the mood for some blues. I've never heard of this blues man before -- but already I am in love with his guitar.

James "Jimmy" Spruill was born June 9, 1934 in Fayetteville NC. to sharecropping parents. Influenced by country and blues music as a child, he learned playing the guitar on a cigar box guitar.

The Wiki article about this instrument makes for an interesting read. 

His trademark was the modified Les Paul Gibson guitar. The body of the guitar was sawed off so that only a rectangular part of it was left. 

After moving to NYC, he worked as a session musician recording with such greats as King Curtis, Elmore James and Little Anthony and the Imperials. 

Spruill was a showman, known for playing guitar with his teeth.[2] His sound was unconventional, notable for its hard attack and sense of freedom, unexpectedly going from assertive lead parts to rhythmically dynamic, scratching rhythms. At no time did Spruill use picks or any effects on his guitar - his sound was solely the result of his fingers.[citation needed] Among his most interesting solo records is "Hard Grind" (Fire 1006), which was originally issued as the B-side to "Kansas City March. (Wiki)
That perfect blues voice on the song does not belong to Jimmy Spruill as I erroneously said. According to my friend and blues specialist, Marc, it is that of one Little Danny, a rather obscure artist.

In the mid 60's he formed a trio with Tommy Knight singing and Popsy Dixon on drums. Unfortunately, his career never really took off. Lady luck does not always favor the talented.

He died from a heart attack in 1996 while traveling home to NYC from Florida.

Hard Grind

Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Dynamic Superiors -- "Happy Song"

Sunday! We all deserve to feel happy, easy, and free. So, here's the right song for the occasion by the Dynamic Superiors. Vocal harmony of the finest quality -- that was their trademark. "Shoe Shoe Shine" probably is their best known song. Also hats off to the lead vocalist, Tony Washington, who back in the seventies did not hide his being gay -- that was definitely a big deal. The group formed in Washington, DC in 1963 and released 4 albums for Motown in the mid 70's.

Album cover: Give and Take, Motown, 1977

Happy Song

There is a digitally remastered expanded edition available at Amazon.com. I usually shy away from digitally altered music because most of the time it sounds awfully unnatural to my ears.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Enchantment -- "Dance To The Music"

dancing couple photo: dancing couple Dance.gif 

See it's sooooo easy! Just mooooove.

I've posted some music by Enchantment not too long ago here. That album has to offer some of the best 70's music, in my opinion. So here we go with another track by Enchantment.
Since the weekend has arrived, it is definitely okay to do a little dance from the past ...


Friday, October 17, 2014

Clyde McPhatter -- "Warm Your Heart"

Clyde McPhatter and the Drifters, Bip Bam, is a compilation of Clyde's songs. I was released in 1984 by Edsel Records, UK. See www.discogs.com/Clyde-McPhatter-Drifters-Bip-Bam/release/4504538

Not that the Texan fall requires any additional warmth -- temperatures are still in the eighties -- but sometimes hearts need a little extra warmth to feel okay ...

Enjoy the unique voice of Clyde McPhatter on a sunny Friday!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Soultaker's Treasure Chest 10-13-2014

Posted by Soultaker
This past month has been draining for me.  My girlfriend had to have her bladder removed because of a growth that turned out to be cancer.  Even her Doctor was surprised because it is something that people who are older would get.  The good news is it was caught in time and chemo won't be necessary.  What she got now is something called a neo-bladder.  They took a part of her large intestine and was able to make a new bladder out of it.  It's just a long recovery process, which is fine as long as the cancer did not spread.
For the first time in awhile, I was able to sit down and listen to some music this past weekend.  Usually music would cure any stress I may be going through, but I didn't even have the urge to play anything.  With the worst of it being over, I'm more relaxed now and finally getting some sleep.
I put this together over the weekend.  Hope you enjoy.
1.  Cold Feet - Albert King - Atlantic
2.  In The Pocket - The Kingpins - Atco
3.  Love Is A Five Letter Word - James Phelps - Argo Records
4.  What Am I Gonna Do With Myself - Al Green - Hi Records
5.  Move Over - Soul Children - Stax Records
6.  I've Been Searchin' - Tony Fox - Tri_Spin Records
7.  You Gave Me Soul - Andrea Davis(Minnie Rippleton) - Chess
8.  Good To The Last Drop - Leroy Randolph - Spring Records
9.  Love Explosion  -Troy Keyes - ABC Records
10.  Baby Let Me Get Close To You - Baby Washington & Don Gardner - Master Five
11.  Till I Get It Right - Bettye Swann - Atlantic
12.  A Little Understanding - The Dells - Cadet

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Jimmy Scruggs -- "Lean On Me"

Happy Sunday everyone!

(The Five Dots with Jimmy Scruggs front left)

"This nice West Coast 45 has received a bit of attention on the Northern scene but none at all from the deep community. So it’s time it did. Lean On Me has some lovely chord changes and is set in a fine arrangement from Arthur “Sleepy” Wright but it is Scrugg’s vocal performance that lifts it up to a higher plane. At times he caresses the lyric and at times he cuts loose – but always he is full of gospel phrasing and with an excellent sense of timing.  A really good production from Wayne Henderson and Lee Young as well." (Sir Shambling's)

Is it only me, or does he sound a tiny bit like Johnny Adams?

Saturday, October 11, 2014

The Manhattans -- "Lovers Paradise"

Today's song is from the Manhattans' 1983 album Forever By Your Side.


Friday, October 10, 2014

Barbara Davis -- "Save Me"

Goodness! Another case of a drummer who just can't contain himself ... But this track fascinates me with its enthusiastic approach to "making music."I feel like being right there watching the musicians and singer grooving together. There's a contagious energy emanating from the song.


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bobby Blue Bland -- "Sometime Tomorrow"

And here comes Bobby Blue Bland! Each time I listen to one of his songs I am getting all sad again. What a great soulful bluesman he was.

Today's pick was b/w the famous "Further Up The Road." The original was a 10" Shellac recording for the Duke label, and it dates back to 1957.

The track is taken from I Pity The Fool, The Duke Recordings Vols One and Two

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Thelma Jones -- "Stay A While With Me"

Thelma Jones has one of those voices that touch me deep inside -- so strong yet sweet and womanly. What a rare combination of vocal characteristics! I just love the slight vibrato and the softness in the higher ranges.
Simply beautiful!
Although her better known titles "Salty Tears" and "I'd Rather Leave While I'm In Love" are my favorites, today's pick plays quite often too in my house ...

"Stay A While With Me," (Thelma Jones, CBS 1978)

You'll find a nice bio of the artist and a discography here.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Crying These Tears ... (edited Repost)

I was driving home from shopping today and up on my CD player came a song I had not heard in a very long time. Althea Spencer's "Bitter Tears" is a true gem. Unfortunately, as with so many outstanding, yet underrated singers, there's not much info on her available. So yes, she inspired another blog post.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Charles Wilson -- "I Want To Shout About It"

Okay, today's song is a bit younger than those I usually post here. But I like Charles Wilson's singing. It is old school definitely.

"Charles Wilson was raised in Chicago, began performing at age seven and started singing as a teenager in Chicago area nightclubs. Blessed with a unique Soul voice, Wilson has become a fixture on the Southern Soul circuit. Blues king Little Milton is his uncle, but his break came when he got the opportunity to go on the road with Bobby Rush. Wilson waxed his first single in 1964, but "Trying To Make A Wrong Thing Right," didn't do much; his next effort "You Cut Off My Love Supply" wasn't a smash either but it established Wilson as a blues player of note. He drifted into Southern soul when he cut his first album "Blues In The Key Of C" on Ichiban Records in 1991. After one disc for James Bennett's Traction Records he found his most success recording with Ecko Records. His first, "It's Sweet On The Backstreet" (1995), was one of the first few releases for the fledgling label. It sold respectably and songs like "In The Room Next To The Room" impacted Southern Soul radio but it was the followup, "Love Seat" (1996), that gave Wilson his first major hit with the salacious title cut. Wilson and label tried to follow that up with more sex-themed songs on both "It Ain't The Size" (1997) and "Mr Freak" (1998) but to lesser success. In the midst of his tenure with Ecko he also recorded an album for James Bennett's Traction Records (1997's "Why")."


Sunday, October 5, 2014

Reggae Sunday at SOTS

Alton Ellis -- Don't Trouble People
Johnny and The Attractions -- Young Wings Can Fly
Winston Groovy -- Funky Chicken