Friday, November 14, 2014

Nashville Soul

Hubby and I have been visiting the beautiful state of Tennessee again. This time, we spent a little more time in Nashville before heading to Memphis.
Nashville is a beautiful city with a cleanliness that is probably hard to match by any other American city. Unfortunately, however, we had not enough time to really delve into the musical side of the city -- but we visited the Kandinsky exhibit at the Frist Center For The Visual Arts. That was definitely a wonderful experience.
In preparation for our trip I tried to find out what R&B/Soul artists were connected to Nashville, the music city of America.

And here is a short playlist with some of the artists I came up with.


Lucille Mathis -- Somewhere Out There
Rodge Martin -- Wasted Nights
Roscoe Shelton -- I Want To Keep You
Sam Baker -- Best Of Luck

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