Friday, February 27, 2015

Three Candles For The Manhattans' Blue Lovett, Sonny Bivins and Kenneth Kelly

Trying to get current in all things soul music after a long stretch of busyness, I heard the saddest news. It is almost uncanny that three of the original Manhattans died only months apart.

Blue Lovett and Sonny Bivins passed away in December -- and now on Feb 17, Kenneth Kelly followed them.

These three men laid the foundation for the most beautiful music this world has ever known. May they rest in peace.

I will post a Manhattans Special soon.

The Trammps -- "Down Three Dark Streets"

Today's song is from the time when disco music was at its best. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

James Carr Special


James Carr was among the first artists I've posted on my fledgling blog in 2008. Back then, I posted his version of "At The Dark End Of The Street." Today, I'd like to post a few more songs by him I came across during the years.

There's not a song by him I don't at least like; most of his material I do love. He's definitely been a great deep/southern soul man.

Tell Me My Lying Eyes Are Wrong

Dixie Bell

More Love

I Put It To You

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

In Memory Of My Mother's Birthday

Today, my mother would have turned 94. How I wish she'd been blessed with a long and healthy life. It wasn't meant to be -- but in my memory she lives on as if she'd never left.

And here's our favorite song -- still makes me smile to remember how she used to call upstairs for me to play the "Woman song." It's one of those tears-in-the-eyes but joy-in-the-heart moments.

Here's Percy serenading my mother.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Charles Beverly -- "I Got To Forget About You" and "Don't You Want A Man Like Me", "Stop And Think A Minute."

At first, I was only going to post "I Got To Forget About You." But when I heard "Don't You Want A Man Like Me," I actually became partial to the latter song. That's life ... As long as you're searching for the good you may come up with the even better things.

So, today's original pick is the B-side of the better known song "Don't Make Me Pay For His Mistakes." Charles Beverly was an outstanding singer who reminds me of David Ruffin -- really! The grittiness in his voice, his intense delivery, and the easy of which he operates in the higher ranges.
I am a hundred percent sure Charles Beverly modeled  his singing after the one and only David Ruffin. To prove my point, just listen to "Stop And Think A Minute." And -- let me know what you think.

Charles Beverly recorded with Vanessa Records, The Sound of St. Louis Vanessa Records, whose
owner was Oliver Sain.

Well, today's post could almost be considered a Charles Beverly Special.

Anyway enjoy a great voice.

"Got To Forget About You" 

"Don't You Want A Man Like Me"

"Stop And Think A Minute"

Monday, February 23, 2015

Blues Gang -- "It's My Own TEars"

And -- yours old Raggedy sings the Blues today ... So, she thought of the Greek blues band she found on the net recently. Blues Gang from Thessaloniki, Greece unfortunately only lasted from 1983 through 1985.
According to discogs, they released two albums: Dig It! (1984) and On A Second Thought (1985).
I just love the saxophone in this recording.

"It's My Own Tears" (from Dig It!, Ano Kato Records, 1984)

Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Candle For Demis Roussos (1946 - 2015)

Unfortunately, I only heard of Demis's death while I was busy entertainging my guests from the old homeland, Germany. He died January 25. Although, I am late, I would not want to miss saying good bye to him.

Here's your candle , Demis.

I must say, it really, really hurts. Demis, the lead singer of Aphrodite's Child, was one of my early music loves. Actually, the entire group had a huge part in defining my musical taste way back in the early 70's. Back then, I was exploring Europe (music wise). Although  France and Great Britain dominated the scene, there was no way around Greece's Aphrodite's Child. They were considered quite progressive in their approach to rock.

Two of my favorite songs were, and still are, "Rain and Tears" and "End of the World."

Sharen Clark -- "I'm Not Afraid Of Love"

Happy Sunday everyone!

I hope everyone is alright and enjoying all the great tunes they can find ...

I, for myself, have enjoyed a few beautiful weeks with my niece and her husband from Germany. We spent a lot of time sightseeing in and around San Antonio. And each time I take such excursions with guests I rediscover my love for this part of Texas.

In case you plan a a trip to Texas, try to include a tour through the Hill Country.

Of course, Austin was one of our destinations. We saw a super group play one of the many, many bars and clubs there. They played rock classics -- with a lot of empathy I may say... lol Their bass man was absolutely fantastic. He was a little hyperactive but, dangit, he knew how to produce those thumps ...

The niece and I conducted margarita tastings and decided there was not a single bad margarita to be found in n around San Antonio!  The food too was always great -- unfortunately, it shows on my hips now.

Alright! Now back to blogging about my favorite music.

I've said it again and again. There are way too many excellent singers out there who never received the attention they deserved. One of them is Sharen Clark. She has an impressive voice and without a doubt has mastered the art of singing.

I found her on Sir Shambling's (of course), and her voice as well as delivery reminds me a bit of Linda Jones and Carla Thomas's ... Just listen for yourself.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Soultaker's Treasure Chest 02-03-2015 The Message Is In The Music

Posted by Soultaker

What seems to be endless snow fall here in the northeast, it's the perfect time for some more music.  But not just music that you get up and dance to or a typical love song.  People forget that a song can be a very powerful tool in getting a message across to the masses.  You have to thank modern day radio for that.  I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir with that.  So instead I will just present you with a new set of tunes that will provide words of meaning and get into your soul.


1.  Beware Of The Man (With The Candy In His Hand) - The Dramatics - Volt

2.   Check Out Your Mind - Maxayn - Capricorn Records

3.  Five On The Black Hand Side - Keisa Brown - United Artists

4.  Our World - Stage IV - Millie Records

5.  Our Generation - Ernie Hines - We Produce

6.  Power To The People - Curtis Mayfield - Curtom

7.  We The People - The Soul Searchers - Sussex

8.  What's The Answer, Brother - Winner's Circle - Casablanca

9.  Patience - Rokk - Tollie Records

10.  I Know Myself - The Sylvers - Pride/MGM

11.  Smiling Faces Sometimes - David Ruffin - Motown