Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Charles Beverly -- "I Got To Forget About You" and "Don't You Want A Man Like Me", "Stop And Think A Minute."

At first, I was only going to post "I Got To Forget About You." But when I heard "Don't You Want A Man Like Me," I actually became partial to the latter song. That's life ... As long as you're searching for the good you may come up with the even better things.

So, today's original pick is the B-side of the better known song "Don't Make Me Pay For His Mistakes." Charles Beverly was an outstanding singer who reminds me of David Ruffin -- really! The grittiness in his voice, his intense delivery, and the easy of which he operates in the higher ranges.
I am a hundred percent sure Charles Beverly modeled  his singing after the one and only David Ruffin. To prove my point, just listen to "Stop And Think A Minute." And -- let me know what you think.

Charles Beverly recorded with Vanessa Records, The Sound of St. Louis Vanessa Records, whose
owner was Oliver Sain.

Well, today's post could almost be considered a Charles Beverly Special.

Anyway enjoy a great voice.

"Got To Forget About You" 

"Don't You Want A Man Like Me"

"Stop And Think A Minute"

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