Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Manhattans Special


Back in the day, the Manhattans' songs played everywhere. They made life so much more pleasant by adding that indescribable lightness of the philly sound to our days. They filled the long dry stretches between the all too short weekends with anticipatory joy.

The music, the flawless singing made the world appear okay for as long as the songs played. And, of course, their Kiss And Say Goodbye worked many a miracle for the brokenhearted among us: That was how a breakup had to be handled (at least it sounded like good advice).  You just turn and walk away ...

Okay, here's  a compilation of some of the beautiful Manhattans music.

Manhattans Tribute

00;00 Intro WRAG
00:16 We Made It
04:20 I’ll See You Tomorrow
07:27 It’s Going To Take A Lot To Bring Me Back
10:14 Follow Your Heart
13:10 Am I Losing You
16:55 Baby, I’m Sorry
19:36 Any Other Way
24:00 A Change Is Gonna Come
28:12 Give Him Up
30:44 Nights Like This

I wish you all a very happy, sunny weekend filled with lots of music.


Soultaker said...

Very nice set. You really see how perfect these guys fit together.

Raggedy said...

Hey! Yes, they are just perfect. One of the great groups that mastered the art of singing and harmonizing. Time has not diminished the beauty of their songs.