Thursday, November 12, 2015

"Papa Was A Rolling Stone" -- Some Fails and The Real Deal

Okay, so the chief music scout and I were watching Seal live in New York City ... What a let down. The man has a great voice but no stage presence whatsoever ... In short, he is lame. We gave him a last chance to redeem himself with a classic: The Temptations' "Papa Was A Rolling Stone." And, what can I say? No pep, no energy, no soul whatsoever. Argh! The music lacked in depth and energy and Seal was just not cutting it. His voice simply lacks in depths and flexibility.

Alright, then we switched to Phil Collins -- which seemed to be a good choice at first. When he started singing, though, we quit, and I had to listen to the original to make things right again.

And now the real stuff ... never mind the pink suits. These guys knew how this song was supposed to sound and "feel."

Yesssss ... nobody does it better!

To sum things up: no matter who you think you are and what you can do -- never ever try to handle on your own a song that was written for a group that consisted of five of the the very best voices.  Any attempt to go solo on such a song will end in a disaster. Such a song needs the different voices and the perfect harmonizing of them ... It's not just a ready-to-wear item -- just as the pink suits weren't.

Temptations forever!

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