Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Futures -- "Love Lives On A Windy Hill"

Since spring is here, and I feel its energy all around me, I am posting the song that always reminds me of spring -- no matter how gloomy a day may be.

Have a happy day everyone!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Jack Burton Trio live

My chief music scout took me out to the Luna Lounge again, and like always, he knew exactly what he was doing. Jack Burton and his band were fantastic. So were the two Skylarks I had.

Unfortunately, my own video turned out to be less than perfect (way less), and so I am posting a Youtube clip of one of their performances. Their repertoire ranges from 60's and 70's soul to jazzy contemporary pieces with a jazzy feel written by Jack Burton himself. The musicians are first rate, and Jack's lovely wife, without a doubt, can sing quite well.

It didn't take long before the dance floor became crowded, and people were dancing in their seats or at the table. If the Jack Burton Trio is anywhere near you, you need to check them out. You will not regret it. Your old Raggedy was totally smitten with the horn section ...

I begin to believe that good old Austin, Texas really  has some of the very best musicians to offer.
If you want to know more about this "trio," please visit its website 

Enjoy a taste of what Jack Burton calls "Austin Soul." I love it!

"Book of Memories"

How ya'll doing?

I am still/again busy doing all the things that need to be done (well, and also doing things that I really don't have to do). Anyway, I was on the road with Bo (Theo's successor in terms of cars) when Clyde McPhatter's "Book of Memories" came up. And, all I can say is that I forgot the crazy blockheads on the road, and that nerve-wrecking stop and go traffic did not bother me anymore. I listened to the soothing music, the perfect background harmonizing, and Clyde McPhatter's, for the lack of a better expression, heart-felt singing and the world seemed to have stopped its routine spin for some four minutes ...

When I came home, I immediately played Percy Wiggins's version which I love even more. The instrumentation on his recording is less pompous, allowing the deep southern soul feel to "run free'" so to speak.