Tuesday, June 14, 2016

In Memory of my sister Birgit (June 14, 1951 - June 14, 2006) Rose Royce -- Crying

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Ten years it's been
since I've watched red roses
and white lilies tremble with fear
when they descended
into the earth –
together with you
my sister.
The same flowers trembled
with joy on your wedding day.

Ten years it's been
since I've seen you
wearing a fiery red dress
defying the cold blackness
that would soon surround you
and shroud your fervor for life
my sister.
It was the color best matched
your vivacious personality.

But what are ten
short years
compared to the years
we spent together
breathing, discussing, disputing, playing,
eating, crying, touching, consoling,
understanding, misunderstanding,
gossiping, loving, hating, banding together,
shivering, sweating, celebrating,
mourning, losing, winning, sharing …

Ten years cannot erase
you from my life
they cannot take away
what we had
my sister.

Sisters forever!

And yes, I am crying still.

Rest in peace, Birgit.

June 14, 1951 – Forever in our hearts.