Friday, April 17, 2009

Saturday Again? Time For an Otis Redding Special.

I can't believe it's Saturday again ... Time goes by way too fast.

Today, we'll have another Otis Redding special -- just because I feel like it, and because Big O owns a very special corner of my heart. There's no other sixties soul man with more velvet in his voice.

I just found his version of the classic Stand By Me, and I believe it is gorgeous. Another song, I didn't know up to now is Something Is Worrying Me from the 1964 Pain In My Heart Album.
And honestly, who could sing the beautiful Precious Love more convincing than Otis Redding? The song itself is pure soul. Pair it with one of the most soulful voices and a crew of master musicains, and nothing less than a soul treasure will result.
Speaking of musicians: I would sell my soul for the guitar part in Come To Me (too bad I've sold it already). The guitarist on this track is the great Johnny Jenkins, whom Jimi Hendrix cited as having influenced him strongly.

Okay ... Let's enjoy the weekend with Big O's music then.

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