Friday, May 15, 2009

That Sweet Deep Soul: Jarvis Jackson "Something I Ain't Never Had", "My Love Is True"

Jarvis Jackson is another artist whose work has not been appreciated as it should have been. He has a good voice, and the three tracks I've heard by him are definitely very listenable.
I found him on Sir Shambling's, the best source, in my opinion, for obscure and underrated soul music.
Sir Shambling writes about Jarvis Jackson's Something I Ain't Never Had that "Jackson really cuts loose" over the song's "wonderful guitar licks, and subdued organ." And I totally agree with this assessment.
I also like the simple approach to a song like My Love Is True. The song's lyrics could have been emphasized by overly sweet music -- which, in the Deep Soul genre, happens all too often. Thank goodness, the producers did resist that temptation and delivered a beautiful, clean and crisp love song.

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