Friday, May 29, 2009

Underappreciated? Yvonne Elliman

Whenever I think of 70's and disco that catchy If I Can't Have You ... dance floor filler comes to my mind. But if you'd asked me what the name of the singer was before I looked it up, I would have had to pass. I guess I never even knew who sang it.

Neither did I know any other songs by her, and I was quite surprised to find some very nice tracks by Yvonne. I admit they're not exactly breathtaking, but they are definitely listenable.
The two tracks I took to right away are her version of Hello Stranger and Baby Don't Let It Mess Your Mind.

Yvonne began singing in bars and clubs in the early 70's in London which led to a job as backup singer in Eric Clapton's band (and being his girlfriend.) She also sang Mary Magdalene's part on the Jesus Christ Superstar album, the Broadway show and in the the movie. Her I Don't Know how To Love Him peaked at # 28 in the US charts in 1971. The song also earned her a Golden Globe nomination in 1974. (Sorry, I don't have that one.)
Her last album, Simple Needs, was released in 2004 followed by a re-release a year later.

Listen to Yvonne and enjoy!
Hello Stranger
If I can't Have You
Uphill Peace of Mind
Baby, Don't Let It Mess Your Mind

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