Saturday, October 10, 2009

Arthur Adams -- Private Tonight,

The single I post today was released in 1969 by Chisa Records, a Motown subsidiary. "It's Private Tonight" did not turn into a big hit, but scored well regionally. 

In 1972 Blue Thumb Records released a homonymous album whose credits boast several fantastic musicians as the Crusaders keyboardist Joe Sample and Wilton Felder on sax. 
Arthur himself played on many Crusaders 70's albums -- which tells a lot about his own merits as a musician. 

Arthur Adams (a.k.a Arthur K. Adams) did it all: from playing Gospel and Blues at the beginning to Soul in the 70s -- just to return to the Blues in the mid 80's again. It looks that he will stay with his early love, the Blues, now. And nowadays, he is known as one of  "the top blues artists on the Los Angeles circuit."

It's Private Tonight

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