Friday, November 27, 2009

Eddie Giles -- So Deep In Love, Losing Boy

"I met Eddie at Sound City studio in Shreveport, Louisiana. This is where the recording of Losin' Boy that is on Stax 0103 was recorded. The year was 1971. I engineered the record. James Stroud played drums and Louis Villery played bass. Eddie is now a famous Nashville producer. He had been with Bobby Bland for years-not sure where he is today. There was an earlier recording of Losin' Boy (mid to late 60's) produced by a gentleman named Mr. DesMarais. He owned a small record shop in Cedar Grove ( a section of Shreveport) I think it was called "Bayou Records" (no connection to our studio). It was said that Mr. DesMarais would bring local bands (mostly black) into a small recording studio behind his record shop and let them record their songs. He would sometimes put out records on them, such as Losin' Boy by Eddie Giles. Eddie was known then as "Eddie G and the Jive Five". We didn't meet Eddie at Sound City until approximately five years after Mr. DesMarais had recorded the first Losin' Boy. These are the only two versions I know of. First the Mr. DesMarais recording (on Murco Records in Cedar Grove, Louisiana) and then the Sound City recording which later became the Stax version.  
Thanks to George W. Clinton, recording engineer."               
Losing Boy

So Deep In Love

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