Thursday, November 5, 2009

Janis Joplin Special -- Get It While You Can, Cry Baby, Piece Of My Heart, A Woman Left Lonely

Lighting a candle for Janice won't do -- it has to be something more intense in her case. So I thought I'
light a fire for her. No skimpy stuff here!


This is Blues Thursday at its rawest! I never, ever heard an artist presenting emotions as raw and unadulterated as Janice did. Jesus God -- I just love Janis.
(And btw. ladies -- this is the only way to wear hip huggers, imo.)

The bass man is the perfect match for Janis! Now, turn that volume up ...  It'll make you feel good.

I haven't found a live clip of my personal favorite by Janis. A still has to do. Sing Janis!

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