Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Phenomenal! Sammy Davis Jr. -- High Heel Sneakers


I can't say I like possessive men -- but Sammy describes that unpleasant male possessive/protective instinct as galantly as possible. So, I choose to view his take on the song as using the "tongue-in-cheek" approach the brilliant entertainer was famous for. Of all the 359,756.5 (or so) covers of the song I love his take on the song best. Sammy adds an extra dimension to one of the many -- I admit it -- shallow songs of the 70's era: Some people have a talent for turning the mediocre into the extraordinary. And Sammy Davis Jr. was one of them.

High Heel Sneakers, Sammy Davis Jr. (Something For Everyone, Motown, 1970)

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