Friday, April 2, 2010

Soul Unlimited -- One Man's Happiness

Today's song is from one of Skiny's famous Oldies Classcis compilations. 
I couldn't believe it, but when I was searching for a picture to match the title, entering "divorce" as a search criterium, I found out there is something like divorce cakes available for the occasion. I have a hunch that those "bridezillas" just can't get enough attention -- even when they should realize that they failed. Weird, weird world. 
Nevertheless, please enjoy the song. If anyone has info about the group, would you please share it with me?


John said...

Fantastic - managed to find the Skiny comp on 'net as well - let's have more like this, please

Raggedy said...

Hi John! Welcome to SOTS. I'll try my best to find such jewels and post them. You are always welcome to help me out with suggestions, btw.