Thursday, July 1, 2010

Bill Withers -- I Don't Want You On My Mind, Hope She'll Be Happier With Him

Blues on Thursday! Blues on Thursday! Blues on Thursday!

I was listening to some Bill Withers today. To me he is a poet, psychologist and philosopher -- all at the same time. His lyrics  are thought-provoking and his music kind of uncomplicated, yet sophisticated.
I more or less stumbled upon this song from his Still Bill album today (originally released in 1972, A&M Records). It reminded me of Howlin' Wolf, and I thought it might be one of The Wolf's songs, but the lyrics are credited to Bill Withers . At the end of the song, Bill even "quotes" The Wolf's famous uh-hoo-hoo.
As an extra, I'll post a song by Bill which is definitely not Blues - but anyone who is even remotely in a depressed mood should not listen to it. It'll give you the Blues so bad you will forever hate me. The song is from his Live at Carnegie Hall album (1973). It has LONELINESS written all over.

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Gua said...

Hey Love,I h aveth is album,t his is a great live album