Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mary Queenie Lyons -- We'll Cry Together

Marie “Queenie” Lyons is yet another artist with great talent who disappeared from the world of Soul after only one album.
In 1970 she released “Soul Fever” on James Brown’s King label -- a fact that speaks volumes as to what an accomplished singer she was. The album proves the rest.  
Information on what happened to her after that, consists mainly of one sentence: She disappeared. 
Soul Fever has achieved cult status and is traded as a rare Southern Soul record -- priced as highly as it is valued. 
PS: Looking at the album cover, it strikes me as kind of forboding. Marie seems to be swallowed by the darkness surrounding her; the only thing visible is part of her beautiful face -- but her face too is about to vanish any moment. 


Ravel said...

Very nice ! You are a great cooser of songs!
Ravel, Montreal, Quebec

Raggedy said...

Thanks, Ravel! I am glad you like the music around here.