Sunday, September 5, 2010

Soul Reflections - Trust Me

Posted by Soultaker

I think I'm going to try out something new here that I will post every once in awhile call Soul Reflections. I came up with this interesting idea the other day while just spinning some 45's. Just something simple as One Song, Two Great Versions of it. Whether it's the original version by a artist and a remake or just two remakes of the original. I've always been interested in various takes on a particular song as long as the version can hold it's weight to other.

The first song I had in mind is a song called Trust Me written by Bobby Womack.

The original is actually recorded by Wilson Pickett for his Midnight Mover album from 1968. If you listen to the Wilson Pickett's, you can hear Bobby on part of the chorus as well as on lead guitar.

Wilson Pickett - Trust Me

Bobby would record this song later on in 1975 for his Saftey Zone album. Bobby's version has female vocals in place of his guitar playing on Wilson's original.

Bobby Womack - Trust In Me

I feel that both versions are great, but I'm leaning little more to Wilson Pickett's verison of the song. I love Bobby's guitar playing on it and plus it's the type of soul music I enjoy listening to.

I will let you be the judge on which version stands out to you. I hope you enjoyed this first edition of Soul Reflections.

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Raggedy said...

The great Wilson Pickett! I wonder, if the world actually realized what an outstanding talent this man was. Bobby's version is clearly the more polished one: smooth and with a fantastic arrangement. Nevertheless, it's Wilson's version that gets under my skin.

Thanks for these tracks and the analytical article complementing it.