Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Frederick Knight -- Take Me On Home Witcha

Frederick Knight's ist best known for his catchy song I've Been Lonely For So Long (Stax, 1972) From the homonymous album is today's song Take Me On Home Witcha. Music won't get more 70's like this song. 

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Tonton D├ęcibel !!! said...

Favorit artist of me ,

he's a true genius !!!

when he begin his new label in 1975

'juana rec.' ( http://tonton-decibel.blogspot.com/2010/06/juana-records-story.html )

it was the revelation

with bands like ' the controllers' or the international succes of "anita wards with ring my bell'

but the true and deep potential from him his on productions & writing' ,
one of the best song (for me)written
was with the gospel truth early 75