Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pieces of my Past

Posted by Gua

I have been ripping my old albums and have rediscovered one of my favorite songs. Gil-Scott Heron was really one of the pioneers of what we call "rap" since a lot of people know him from the classic " The Revolution Will Not Be Televised".
Gil was also an accomplished musician and often collaborated with pianist "Brian Jackson". Together they made some classic Jazz/blues/R&B music. This is one of my favs.
Take a listen to the melancholy baritone(Raggedy, I'm still on the Baritone bandwagon) of Gil-Scott and Brian (on the keyboard) as they capture frustrations of a man that could clearly be here and now. This was released 1971.

If you would like to listen on your computer here

On a side note John legend's voice reminds me of Gil-Scott, what do you think?


Raggedy said...

Thanks Gua -- this is a great post.
G. S. Heron is one of the brutally honest artists of our time. He really left no subject untouched -- no matter how uncomfortable it left his listeners.
I think his "Billy Green Is Dead" is one of these compositions.
As to him sounding like John Legend? Hmmm ...

Gua said...

Raggedy, I'm only talking about voice quality.
I'm glad you like this and I totally agree on GS Heron.

Soultaker said...

Great Post Gua, Gil-Scott Heron is really a artist that I feel alot of times is overlooked.

Gua said...

Soultaker, I agree he is overlooked. He had more of a cult following as opposed to outright fame!