Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Ebonys -- Mr. Me , Mrs. You

The Ebonys will forever be remembered for their unforgettable Forever -- a song I can listen to all day long without ever tiring of hearing it. Of course, what makes that song so attractive is the raw, emotional, gritty lead voice. And I believe it's exactly this distinct lead voice that keeps the song from becoming kitchy. Well ... The Ebonys were not very successful, and there's actually only one other song, You're The Reason Why, that achieved similar recognition than Forever; it climbed to #10 on the R'nB charts in 1971.

You're The Reason Why, (Ebonys, PIR 1971)

The pick of today is a song from their second album, Sing About Life (Buddah, 1976.) It's not a song that could be described as exceptional, but it is a nice Philly tune ... And yours ol' Raggedy likes it a lot. 


Gua said...

I used to love this song. Its been a while since I've heard it.

Raggedy said...

I love it too: beautiful singing and I like the play on words concerning Mr. Me Mrs.(or misses) You ... So nice.