Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Yours Until Tomorrow -- Irma Thomas / Vivian Reed

Which one of these two versions do you like better?

You may cast your vote in the sidebar poll box (poll closed on 12/7)

Irma Thomas

Poll results: 50% Irma Thomas, 50% Vivian Reed

Vivian Reed


Soultaker said...

I have to go with Irma's verison. Vivian is cool, just a little too polished.

Raggedy said...

I think she really owns the song. But the more I listen to Vivian's version, the more I like her soft and dreamy approach; to me her rendition is bringing out the vulnerability involved in the act described. Irma's version stresses the passionate side of it ...
I love both singers.

Anonymous said...

I'm partial to the Soul Queen of N.O. and gave her my vote.
She really pours her heart out in this song.
The Vivian Reed song doesn't cut it for me.She reminds me of the Norah Jones take of Irma's 'Ruler of my Heart'.
Too much sweetening,MOR,Northern Soul.To each his own.

Blue Escorpio

Raggedy said...

I see you guys love the passionate version best. Irma def. is a fantastic singer -- hard to beat.
I'll have to find the Norah Jones song you mentioned.

Soultaker said...

(Raggedy) The way you describe the difference between the two versions is a great way to look at it.

Anonymous said...

BTW Inge,I always thought that Irma's was the original version.
Not so,Dee Dee Warwick had it released on Mercury in 1966.

Source:Arnold Rypens'Originals Site


Blue Escorpio

Raggedy said...

Ah ((Soultaker)), you know I am a girl and speak with authority.

Raggedy said...

Blue Escorpio -- Yeah, I thought so too. I was looking all over the net for Dee Dee's version. Alas, no success. But I don't think anyone can really compete with Irma's version -- maybe for a while -- as has happened to me when I heard Vivian's cover. Yours Until Tomorrow will always be Irma's song -- original or not.
Thanks for your input, Blue Escorpio! It is much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Hey Raggedy,

The Dee Dee Warwick album "I Want to Be With You - The Mercury/Blue Rock Sessions (1965-69)" is available for download at this place:


Gua said...

I voted for Viv's version. I'm all about the soft, sensuous, polished stuff. She also makes it a little more melodic and that always gets me!!

Raggedy said...

((Blue Escorpio)) Thanks for the link. I've checked the album out right away. And I found another beautiful song on it: track 20, That's Not Love. I'll post it right away.

Raggedy said...

((Gua)) Where have you been so long? lol Thanks for voting!