Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Isley Bros. -- Lover's Eve

((Gua)) posted this video clip on the Generationsoul forum, asking for our opinions.

Here's what I said:
Who is she? She has a very beautiful voice in my opinion, but she ab-uses it as she does her lipstick. At times I didn't know if she was actually singing or if it was a vocoder (or such a thing) she used. Very weird ... As I said before, beautiful voice and very talented -- but no charisma (also no grace). Where are the Arethas, Gladys's, Anitas, Stephanies?
But -- I'm happy to see Ron appears to be doing fine.
I liked El DeBarge best; his delivery came closest to re-creating the magic of the Isley's.
The three tenors were disappointing, though.

And now, I'm going to listen to the REAL stuff.
 Sounds good

So, here is the real stuff I fled to: 

Love's Eye is from the Live It Up album (1974, Epic Records)

Some Isley's live footage

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Stretch said...

The singer in the video you probably know by now is keyshia cole...very talented of the few out these day's...but she's no Ron Isley :-)