Friday, January 7, 2011

Theo Peoples Special

It looks as if the rumors are no longer rumors, but have turned out to be true. Theo Peoples is no longer with the Four Tops.

He joined The Temptations in 1992, replacing Richard Street. In 1998 Theo left the group and took Levi Stubbs' place in the Four Tops -- a daunting task for even the most accomplished vocalist. Levi's   naturally passionate singing simply can neither be duplicated nor replicated.

Theo Peoples, however, is without a doubt, one of the greatest, most soulful singers around. In addition to his excellent vocal skills he oozes stylishness and has the charisma so typical for each and every Temptation who has ever graced the stages of this world. (Yeah, yeah ... I'm getting carried away again.)
Anyway, I thought this news would be the perfect occasion to  post a  Theo Peoples Special. And, of course, to wish him all the best for his new career.

Those of you who are not familiar with Theo's solo material, I urge to check it out.

So, let's start with a video clip of him and the Queen

I always considered Theo being in the wrong place with the Four Tops; Theo, in my opinion, is a singer whose talent cannot be fully exhibited through the Motown material that the Tops usually perform. He belongs to another genre and another generation. 

This is the material that is Theo's forte.

From The Temptations' For Lovers Only

And here's the man live -- Smooooooooth ... Soulful ... Theo

Finally,  the title track from his album Chemistry ... You And Me (2004)



Gua said...

Great clips of Theo performing live!! Without a doubt a world-class singer. The Tops would not have survived as a premier nostalgia group without Theo Peoples. To the point where the Tops, in person, were outperforming the Temps. That says a lot. This is a BAAAd man.
Great post Inge

Raggedy said...

Thanks, Gua. I had almost forgotten how good this man really is. High voltage performer, indeed.

jaybs said...

Theo is Class! with a Capital C, so charisma as well as such a great vocal!

I agree with Gua The Tops were out performing The Temptations, but now I feel this may be one loss too many for the group, we have the Memories and they are LEVI (and he selected Theo at at time when he hoped he would return), so it will be the CD and DVD's of the past for me now.

Theo stick to your roots and use that great vocal you have been given as a Gift, don't try to compete with modern artists or music, do what you are Best at and show them what you can do!

Raggedy said...

((jaybs)) thanks for your comment -- and there is not much I would be able to add to it. I was listening to his "Chemistry, You and Me" Cd only yesterday in the car. It is great music from the first note to the last. He has all it takes to be a successful soloist. Let's hope he will be the first Tempt after Eddie Kendricks to establish a flourishing solo career.