Saturday, February 5, 2011

Soultaker's Tresure Chest: Random Goodness

Posted By Soultaker

Hope everyone is doing good. It's the day before the Superbowl, basiclly the calm before the storm. Neither The Packers or Steelers are my team, but I am going to go with the Packers(besides the first song in my set is by a group called the Packers so why not. LOL) I'm probably going to just stay around here this year and watch the game at home. So today I'm just laying back and being thankful that it's raining outside instead of snow. Tired of the white stuff already. I'm normally a fall/winter person, but this year is just crazy with amount of snow we have had already. So I just say enough of it and lets just move onto Spring already.

Today's set I bring to you is just something I kind of threw together. Normally I have in mind of what I want to play, but today I'm just going to pick whatever I see that comes up as I go through my stuff. Some of this I haven't heard in many years and forgotton that I had. Some cases I forgot what the song sounds like, but I know its good stuff. So come along and check out what I got in store


1. Hole In The Wall – The Packers – Pure Soul Music
2. Steal Away – Jimmy Hughes – Fame
3. I’ll Never Leave You Lonely – Roy C – Alaga Records
4. Oh! Baby – Barbara Lynn – Jamie
5. Why Did You Lie To Me – Tony Fox – Tri Spin
6. Every Night, Every Day – Jimmy Mc Cracklin – Imperial
7. Seven Letters – Ben E. King – Atco
8. When He Touches Me (Nothing Else Matters) – Peaches and Herb – Date
9. Gretest Love – Willie West – Deesu
10. Love In The Streets (Aint Good As The Love At Home) – Johnnie Taylor – Stax
11. Wayward Dream – Annette Poindexter – Twinight
12. How Long – Charles Bradley - Daptone

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Raggedy said...

Soultaker! You did it again ... You've got such fabulous music in your Treasure Chest.