Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ken Parker -- How Could I

Tuesday is a good day for some reggae music. It's hot outside, and I had a huge portion of Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream to make this Texan summer a bit more attractive ... You know what I mean.
And, of course, the music has to be right too. I was listening to sweet rock steady tunes and thought I should share some of my favorites with you. So, here are three Ken Parker tunes I love.

I Should Have Known
Search Is Over
How Could I

Ken Parker's voice reminds me a lot of Desmond Dekker's. A native Jamaican, born around 1948, Ken Parker was exposed to gospel music from childhood since his father was a preacher. His first group, The Blues Benders, was formed in 1965. 
From 1967 on, however, he performed solo. It is said that an apparent misunderstanding was the reason for his being the only one of the group to show up at an audition for Coxsone Dodd. He convinced the producer to sign him up as a solo act for Studio One. Throughout the late 60's he recorded for Duke Reid and Trojan records collaborating with  Joe Gibbs,  The Clarendonians, Tommy McCook, and others. 
 In 1972, grown unhappy with the record industry, he moved to New York and later to the UK.  Until the early 80's, he performed only sporadically but did not produce any records again until he founded his own record label in the early 80's 


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