Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Escorts -- Let Love Walk Into Your Heart (repost)

The Escorts started their singing career in the early 70's on a somewhat different note, so to speak, than other groups: They began recording from prison. It all started when a group of prisoners at Rahway Prison in New Jersey "used to get together and sing all the time" as stated by original member Reggie Haynes. According to Haynes, the group didn't care much for basketball -- the other prisoners' main passtime activity.  During a prison inmates variety show, which was organized by singer Linda Jones  whose brother was incarcerated at Rahway Prison, producer George Kerr discovered the group. Kerr began working with the group, ignoring all the "can't do it" comments his idea had sparked.
' "Kerr persisted in his mission and five hundred letters and two years later, a mobile recording truck pulled up outside Rahway Prison.  "I did some research and found out that it cost about $964 to house an inmate and that if the authorities let me record them, they could pay for themselves," says Kerr. "I went before the Superintendent of Prisons in Washington DC and explained that to them.  It took a lot of work but they eventually gave me permission to record The Escorts."' (
The group recorded two albums. The song I'm posting today is taken from Soulful Thangs Vol. 7

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