Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Montclairs -- Baby You Know (I'm Gonna Miss You)

The Montclairs were yet another 70's group that produced outstanding music. Fame, however, never found them. So only the chosen ones, so to speak, knew their beautiful heavy-heart ballads. 
The group formed in 1969 in East St. Louis with Phil Perry as lead singer. Phil Perry, one of the most remarkable vocalists, was backed by Kevin Sanlin, George McLellan, David Frye, and Clifford Williams -- noteworthy singers themselves. 
Phil Perry still performs and has released some outstanding recordings. 
Today's pcik is from their 1972 album "Dreaming Out Of Season," (Paula Records.) I consider the album a treasure. Get it!

More Montclairs:

Phil Perry and Kevin Sanlin released two albums in the 80's: 

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