Sunday, December 15, 2013

Reggae Monday at SOTS#: The Techniques

I remember this time of the year as being tranquil and serene ... this year, however, the christmas season was anything but quiet and contemplative. Don't know why ...
I had planned a reggae Sunday yesterday --  it was not supposed to happen. So I told myself to do it today. And what happened? The day is almost over and there's still not a sound from SoundsOfTheSoul.

Here we go with the Techniques, the Jamaican rocksteady group that was founded in the early 60's by Winston Riley. The group saw many a lineup featuring amongst others Lloyd Parks, Bruce Ruffin, and Dave Barker.
Their most recognized songs were "My Girl" and "Run Come Celebrate." Don't expect the Techniques' "My Girl" to be yet another cover of the Tempts song; contrary to what some articles claim, it definitely is not the Temptations' signature song. 

My Girl
I'm In Love
Run Come Celebrate

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