Sunday, December 22, 2013

Tony Fox -- "I Wanna Get Next To You," "There's Something Else I Wanna Do," "Why Did You Lie"

Here's a title from yet another obscure artist named Tony Fox. I've never heard of him until I found this album on the Here Only Good Music blog. Tony Fox was neither his real nor his only name. Born as Larry Vivio Capel, he also used the aliases of Larry Hale and Larry Cappel. He released most of his recordings as Tony Fox, however. Other than that, there is not much biographical material available.

Besides his only album, "The Beginning," (Blaster Records, 1981), he recorded several singles between 1966 and 1981 -- not only as a soloist but also as the lead singer of a group called The African Beavers. In addition to that group, Discogs shows him as associated with the Jerry Coombs Band. I never heard of any of these bands.

 "I Wanna Get Next To You"

As I said, I first heard him on his 1981 album from which the latter track is taken.
While I was researching this under-appreciated artist, I found some early tunes by him that showcase Tony's great voice much better than the later recordings. His style ranged from the Latin tinged tunes reminiscent of the Drifters  through deep/southern soul to gritty funk. Tony Fox was quite versatile -- and good at all of the different styles.

"There's Something Else I Wanna Do" (as Larry Hale, Fontana)

One of My favorites "Why Did You Lie" (Tri-Spin, 1966)

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