Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kool Blues -- " I Wanna Be Ready"

"Once part of vocal group The Enticers, Tennessee natives John Primm and William Gilbert eventually made up the duo the Kool Blues, who originally brought Capsoul some inspiration from the duo’s home state heroes at Stax with their first single "Keep On Loving You." While it’s absurd that the single was ignored, the b-side saw life again years later on the northern soul scene. Their second single featured two excellent ballads: “Can We Try Love Again,” a funky, mid-tempo rug slasher, was backed by the eerie, contemplative “I Want to Be Ready.” Among the last singles on the Capsoul label, it barely even attracted the marginal attention of its predecessor."                                                             (Capsoul website)     

"I Wanna Be Ready" (Capsoul, 2005)

"Thief" by The Enticers. The song has been sampled by Mos Def  (2006) and a few other (to me) unknowns ...

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