Monday, April 28, 2014

Magic Sam -- "Easy Baby"

This year we went from winter straight to summer here in Texas. So, SOTS's chief music scout, Dr. C. and I spent yesterday on the patio enjoying a wonderful breeze. The birds were chirping busily until about noon, and it got awfully quiet. But as long as there's music, silence is not really an option in our household.
I began to search for some cover versions of a favorite of hubby and mine and somehow ended up listening to the Blues. Actually, it was Beth Hart's cover of "I'd Rather Go Blind" that led us to a Roomful of Blues cover of Magic Sam's "Easy Baby." After lots of wows and repeats of the songs mentioned above, I decided to post them all.
I hope you all enjoy them as much as we did.

And here is another performance by Beth with Jeff Beck on guitar. Goose-flesh indicator: red.
Don't you like to shed tears sometimes for the sheer beauty of a song? Ol' Raggedy sure does.

Now here's Roomful of Blues with "Easy Baby."

And, finally, the original "Easy Baby" by Magic Sam. This is what I call blues power.


Marc said...

Hello Inge,

Bet Heart & Cie aren't my cup of thea.As a matter of fact I prefer strong undiluted black coffee.LOL

Back in 1968 I was lucky enough to meet and greet with Magic Sam,Earl Hooker a.o. at the AFBF '68 in Brussels.Sam's was a wonderful performance underpinned by his great trademark guitar work.His forceful vocals left an indelible impression on me.

Re: the original "Easy Baby" by Magic Sam
On first hearing I recognised the saxophone playing of Eddie Shaw and the second guitar of Mighty Joe Young (check him out).I dug out the Magic Sam discography:it transpires that this is a 1968 remake.
The original "Easy Baby" was recorded in 1958 for the "Cobra" label

Marc (accountant for The Blues)

Raggedy said...


I see you're working hard on your promotion to CAB (Chief Accountant, Blues). lol Once again, you floored me with your incredible expertise in all matters blues. Thanks for the correction!
Like you, I love my coffee black and strong. However, since the art of the blues seems to be vanishing from the modern scene and not many new high-carat blues artists are emerging, it makes me happy to find an artist every now and then who, imo, is able to blend the past with the presence. Beth has the urgency in her singing that so many contemporary artists lack. I do not like Jeff Beck's guitar playing though ...

Inge (CEO and President SOTS3)

Marc said...

I hear you.To each his own!


Marc said...

Hey Inge,

I see you're doing fine.I'll have to correct myself:though I attended the 1968 edition of the American Folk Blues Festival,It was at the A.F.B.F. 1969 I shook hands with Magic Sam & friends.

Keep on delivering the goodies,

Raggedy said...

Hi Marc. Definitely doing great here. I hope you're fine too.
There's that youtube clip with an interview snippet of Magic Sam explaining how he learned to play guitar. Simply amazing!

Marc said...

Sam's talking about the one-string or 'Diddley Bow'.
That's a clip from a German TV station.

What is a Diddley Bow?

I'm doing fine
See you,


Raggedy said...

Wow! Thank you so much, Marc. What an enlightening article.